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GFRevenge is the original girlfriend revenge porn site with some amateur porn videos. Users are invited to get revenge on their ex by posting their sex tapes online. GFRevenge is a channel dedicated to vengeful chicks as well as guys who have great X-rated content about their ex-girlfriends and want to get even. Although a lot of content is free of charge, one can get a subscription to access restricted content. The content is also well organized, so if one is looking for something specific, one can find it without any issues.

Meaning and History

GFRevenge is a website that was developed by Reality Kings, which owns other websites with a similar theme. Since it has existed since 2004, GFRevenge is considered to be one of the oldest-running porn websites. Over the years, it became one of the most popular girlfriend porn platforms ever created.

What is GFRevenge? is a video porn site specializing in POV sex videos with the hottest stars in the industry. This is a Realitykings porn subsite with a very specific theme. The thread is about getting revenge by posting a sexy video.

2004 – Today

GFRevenge Logo

The name of the platform is printed in two lines with an accent on “Revenge”.  The top line features “GF” printed in black, bold, italicized letters that have a barely noticeable white outline that has a very thin, light gray line running around the edge to create an illusion of a shadow.  A hand showing an obscure gesture is placed in the forefront of a portrait of a man in formal wear with a happy, sarcastic smile. It is done in black and white like the lettering next to it. Besides this great illustration that says it all, there is a very bold and provoking line underneath. The “Revenge” part is done in red and has white vertical streaks to reflect the hurt feelings, as well as hint at the hot scenes one will see on the platform.

Font and Color

GFRevenge Emblem

The logo designers used a very powerful and provoking color palette. The black evokes the anger emotions, which one would typically feel when desiring to pay off. At the same time, it arouses and seduces with its sexiness. Red is also a strong, full of energy color that is linked to sexuality and stimulates deep passion. Both colors are very appropriate for a platform that has X-rated videos. For “GF” lettering, the designers used a font similar to Lydia Sans Ultra Italic. The “Revenge” word was printed using a font that has a very contradicting name – You Are Loved Pro.