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Fancy is an adult subscription site where content creators can produce their own fan page and start making money in various ways. Fansly acts essentially as a repository for your content, for access to which you can receive money from subscribers.The site was created in 2021. This site can compete with OnlyFans.Some models have already moved fromOnlyFans toFansly.

What is the difference compared with OnlyFans?
Compared to Onlyfans, Fansly is only for adult content creators, and they are a very user-friendly adult platform. They charge a 20% commission on each transaction and provide all the features that Onlyfans provide to you.

Meaning and History

There is an assumption that the Fansly logo was developed by the team that created the site in 2021. Neither well-known designers nor great marketing companies from the outside were involved for this purpose. The name of the creator is not known for sure. There is only information that he or she belongs to Select Media LLC, which is a subsidiary of the Jim Pattison Group with Linda Keating as president.

The logo Fansly consists of two crossed padlocks in the shape of a heart. The locks cross their padlock shackles and match their cylinders and there is a circle in the middle of the “heart”, inside of which there is a smaller circle.

The image of the lock is symbolic here. The users of the site, who are the main consumers of content, seem to be looking through the keyhole to peek at the details of the personal life of the content creators.Content creators allow users to do this for comments, tips and other rewards.

Font and Color

Fansly logo

There are three colors in the logoFansly: blue, white and black. All three colors can be used both as a background and as an image color of the logo. However, the main color is still blue.

What is the meaning of all three colors? The blue is the color of “calm emotionality”; it makes it possible to be outside the boundaries of society, expands the space. The simplicity with which the black color is used in the logo indicates a confident position in the market. White is used as the opposite color to the color of the main image or the background space of the logo.